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Looking for Bitcoin Startup ideas?

Or perhaps you’re a Bitcoin entrepreneur? Regardless, new and innovative Bitcoin startup ideas are what drives the growth of this disruptive technology. Although we whole heartedly respect any and all Bitcoin ideas, we’re not particularly interested in “candles for Bitcoin” businesses. Rather, we like to focus on ideas that utilize the true power of the Bitcoin protocol. Whether you are looking to create your own Bitcoin startup, or just interested in what’s in the pipeline for the crypto-community, we will be growing this page to include something for everyone.

We invite entrepreneurial minds from across the world to share ideas in the comment section below. We will add verified suggestions from the comment section.

 Bitcoin startup ideas


  • Bitcoin Vending Machines  (Multipurpose)
  • Bitcoin pay-per-usage (Multipurpose)
  • Fail-safe Bitcoin vault
  • Content generation
  • Browser Extensions
  • Contracts


  • Escrow service  (acts as a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency escrow service)
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Payment Proxy (i.e. globally accepted payments)
  • Insurance
  • NFC  Transactions (Near Field Communication)
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Gifts
  • Tips
  • Donations




More Coming  Soon!

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